HubSpot Service Hub vs Zendesk: What to Know

intercom blog vs zendesk

So how do the two platforms help when it comes to making efficiency gains? HubSpot has recently developed its tools to boost productivity across both individuals and teams. HappyFox is a customer service platform that offers an easy-to-use interface and powerful features. With HappyFox, you can manage customers across multiple channels such as email, phone, chat, and social media. It also allows you to create custom fields to capture additional data about your customers. Plus, its ticket management system makes it simple to assign tickets to agents or departments and track the progress of each ticket in real-time.

  • Although Help Scout chats are always live, Beacon allows for some asynchronous communication.
  • Jetdocs is a collaborative ticketing solution that is integrated into Microsoft Teams and Slack.
  • Best Zendesk competitor for companies looking to build authentic relationships with their customers.
  • Our plans range from Suite Team ($49/month per user when billed annually) all the way up to Suite Enterprise ($150/month per user when billed annually).
  • While agents can connect Intercom with third-party ticketing software like Jira and relay information to agents, there is limited visibility on the customer side.
  • Moreover, with collaboration features such as internal notes, parent-child ticketing, and canned responses, your team can delight customers together.

Search our comprehensive Knowledge Base to answer any question you might have about our products. See how InspectionXpert switched from Zendesk to HubSpot Service Hub and decreased support tickets by 25%. Some of the links that appear on the website are from software companies from which receives compensation.

Live chat and messaging

Intercom also offers a suite of tools for customer support, including a knowledge base, a help center, and a community forum. Zendesk’s higher tiers also offer the option for advanced customization. The only caveat is that, with Zendesk, a conscious effort to limit complexity must be made or the efforts required to manage the system become unwieldy. That being said, these complex configurations make Zendesk a leader among larger, more siloed service teams that don’t require full sales and marketing visibility for their customer support teams. But in order to stay unique, you need software solutions that are flexible to your needs.

intercom blog vs zendesk

However, compared to Zendesk, JitBit is much cheaper with a starting price of just under $25/month (billed annually). I mean that this product fully operates on your IT system essentials, such as handling tickets, managing assets, and eliminating all the manual work. Zendesk integrates with TypeGenie, Ticket Analytics, Jira, Shopify, Asana, Trustpilot, SurveyMonkey, Slack, GitHub, Google Drive, Dropbox, and many other useful business apps that you derive benefit from daily. If everything is handled seamlessly, customer engagement will boost without a doubt. In the current economic environment, it’s never been more important to know exactly what you’re going to be paying for, before you start paying for it.

Zendesk vs Intercom vs ProProfs: Interface

Another benefit of Freshdesk is that the documentation and information produced by an agent or customer can be easily uploaded “on the fly” to the software’s knowledge base. If your organization prioritizes data privacy and security or has specific compliance requirements, JitBit’s self-hosting option is worth considering. With a one-time fee starting at $2200, JitBit allows you to host the customer service platform on your own servers, giving you full control over your data.

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Additionally, we offer social media integrations allowing you to connect Customerly with Facebook Messenger or your website. Another feature is the Shared Inbox, where all conversations and teammates can be found in one place, enabling easy referencing and team mentions. Both tools offer robust features and attractive solutions, but they are not free of weaknesses, and none of them could be called the leader of customer-centric communications. A self-service knowledge base contains articles, videos, guides or tutorials that help customers quickly find answers to their questions without contacting the support team.

Intercom vs Zendesk – The Rundown

Another part of the ticketing experience for agents is the ability to create child tickets. Child tickets let an agent keep better track of all of the behind-the-scenes tasks that may be required to resolve a customer request. Child tickets can be assigned to other people or teams and are never visible to the customer. Zendesk has strong positive reviews especially since the software has mobile apps for access. Though some complained that it’s not easy to check the tickets using the apps.

intercom blog vs zendesk

Paid plans start at $19.99 per month and include up to 750 tasks per month. On top of all these great features, Fullview has both a free plan and paid plans, so you can choose the one that works best for your budget and your business needs. However, ZenDesk has recently undergone a rebranding and is steadily pushing away customers who require complex solutions. Automated service to migrate your data between help desk platforms without programming skills — just follow simple Migration Wizard.

Zendesk vs Intercom: functionality

ProProfs takes knowledge management to a whole different level by allowing you to create an online knowledge base, user manuals, documentation, and more. Moreover, you can tailor your content to different audiences such as visitors or paid customers. Customization options for color, logo, header, domain, etc. can also come in handy. With the Intercom Messenger widget on every article, your customers can instantly connect with an agent if they need further help.

  • Every feature is available in the broadest option, Zendesk Suite, which is the version most companies would be implementing.
  • Moreover, Gorgias is one of the few platforms that place ticket limits on monthly plans.
  • After this live chat software comparison, you’ll get a better picture of what’s better for your business.
  • Set triggers to target particular audiences at the right time, utilize carousels as part of a communication campaign, and compare carousels with A/B testing.
  • You might rather choose a more affordable solution that provides all the functionality your business needs.
  • However, the customer service (and the ways how a company delivers it) creates a centerpiece of a brand.

It’s a pretty okay ticketing system starting at the price point of $29/mo for one agent with no collaboration features. The only advantage it has over other Zendesk alternatives in this article is that it can be self-hosted. They have advanced compliance levels like HIPAA for serious B2C clients like doctors but no SLAs and priority levels for B2B clients. Jitbit integrates with popular third-party applications like Slack and Salesforce so you can easily sync information between the two platforms.

Who should use Zendesk?

Moreover, Groove allows multiple agents to work collectively on one support item as needed in real-time. Agents collaborating using Groove can do so using private internal means or customer-facing channels. Both platforms share integration features, a knowledge base, a shared inbox, and automation capabilities. The key difference is that Freshdesk focuses on affordability and usability. Organizations can use Freshdesk to set up and handle certain customer inquiries automatically, which saves time and errors.

How do I switch from Zendesk to Intercom?

Go to Intercom Articles and click “Migrate from Zendesk”. Now enter your Zendesk subdomain and click “Migrate to Intercom”. Note: Your Zendesk articles will be converted into Intercom articles.

Customized greeting messages can be created for different websites or audience segments, and the chat window can be easily customized to match your brand’s look and feel. With its intuitive design and comprehensive set of features, Help Scout makes it easy for your team to manage tickets, automate workflows, and provide better customer service in one place. Plus, its pricing plans are flexible and affordable so you can scale up or down as your needs change. Zoho Desk is an intuitive customer service platform designed to help streamline the way you interact with your customers.

Does Zendesk integrate with Intercom?

The Zendesk Support app gives you access to live Intercom customer data in Zendesk, and lets you create new tickets in Zendesk directly from Intercom conversations.

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