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Scalability is a critical consideration factor when choosing CRM software for your manufacturing business. FreshSales has a pay-as-you-grow plan that enables companies to pay according to their usage level. So, you can spend more to expand the features and accommodate your growth whenever your business increases. Total data transparency means you go into every customer interaction with a clear picture of your capacity. Jobman centralises all your data in one simplified system, so you can plan, track and manage your business more confidently. Jobman goes beyond traditional CRM functionality to provide tailored solutions for manufacturers and cabinetmakers.

crm for manufacturing industry

Level up your sales teams with collaborative, workflow-enabled selling processes infused with actionable AI insights, guided quoting, and consistent pricing execution. Run your sales and revenue management processes on a common platform centered around the customer and integrated with the back office. Reduce revenue leakage by integrating revenue management onto a single platform. By far, FreshSales software’s AI capability is one of its most unique features. The AI makes quality recommendations for decision-making based on the data gathered through sales and marketing activities. Through the recommendations, your team can spot their gaps in service delivery and improve on them for better conversions.

CRM Software for Manufacturers

Headquartered in Spokane Valley, WA, Sport Scope is a leading producer company of endzone cameras and sideline instant replay. The seven top industries that use CRMs the most are retail, banking, hotels, financial service, insurance, consulting, agriculture and manufacturing. As said earlier, the right CRM software crm for manufacturing industry can bring a 360-degree transformation to your business. Come to think of it, most of the CRMs listed here have free trial periods. They were hand-picked based on extensive market research and reviews from our CRM experts. Vermeer led an extensive research process of surveying managers on what they wanted in a CRM.

crm for manufacturing industry

Creatio has long-lasting relationships with some of the world’s most successful manufacturing organizations including Constantia, OKI, Haynes International, and many others. With integrations, you can manage your entire sales pipelin without needing to switch tabs. Choose from Slack, Google Calendar, Zoom, Zapier, Gmail, and more. Once you set up your integrations, create custom automation recipes in seconds to streamline your pipeline. Our drag and drop functionality and visual boards make it easy to create workflows, gain insights, and get things done. See all of the details you need to manage production schedules and inventory levels.

Should You Consider HubSpot as a CRM for the Manufacturing Industry?

Another feature that helps it stand out is the robust customer support provided as a component of the program’s services. Salesforce enables businesses to link their marketing, commerce, service, and IT data on a single platform and use it to provide customers with individualized experiences. CloudCache Consulting highly recommends Salesforce CRM for the manufacturing industry.

Once a customer’s profile is in your CRM software, everyone from sales reps to customer service personnel can access the same information. This smooths the handoff from marketing to sales and ensures customers receive personalized experiences every time they interact with your company. The company was launched to cater massive printing orders for brochures, T-shirts and other goods. The business processes at WM Printing were being carried out with inefficient tools.

Customer management

Discover 9 customizable CRM systems that will help you handle sales, marketing, and customer service from a user-friendly, business-specific workspace. Compare Zoho CRM, Pipedrive, ClickUp, CompanyHub, Salesforce Sales Cloud, HubSpot, Maximizer, Freshsales, and Zendesk’s pros and cons to find the best fit for your business. Freshsales CRM for manufacturing companies provides robust business solutions with valuable insights on potentially lucrative deals and actionable next steps powered by AI. Manufacturers using a CRM can enjoy insights into their sales, marketing, and customer service operations.

  • In addition to features offered and the software’s suitability, you must take into account some additional factors such as the deployment, integration options, and advanced functionalities.
  • You can ease up their work by creating workflows that operate like clockwork.
  • Discover the benefits of adopting a mobile CRM, what makes a good one, and a comparison of mobile CRM systems.
  • 💡 After adopting Pipeline CRM, a UK-based manufacturing company boosted sales by 30% and conversion rate by 20%.
  • Moreover, you can also leverage Blockchain with CRM to streamline financial transactions, maintain a transparent ledger system and keep track of all digital payments.
  • Pipeline CRM mobile CRM for iOS and Android helps you stay on top of your sales while you’re out doing your job.

CRM for manufacturers makes it easier for account managers to cultivate personal relationships. Automate your business processes across marketing, sales and customer service. Sales analytics and forecasting to increase cross-sell and upsell revenue and view deal flows and trends (e.g., which manufacturing products are more/less popular among the customers). Unify revenue management and supporting processes on a single platform.


Read on to learn about the key differences between the different CRM offerings and find out which one is the best to meet your business needs. With this information, you can personalize each interaction based on individual interests and needs. By doing so, you create a more relevant and meaningful experience, increasing your ability to build a long-standing relationship with the customer. Marketing automation helps manufacturing companies attract site visitors, convert them to prospects, and optimize spend. Insightly Marketing is a full-featured platform to run marketing campaigns at scale.

crm for manufacturing industry

A CRM for manufacturing companies can help you provide a stellar customer experience while serving as the ultimate forecasting tool. While all of these CRMs are well suited to help manufacturers optimize their sales process and growth their business, they must be implemented correctly in order to reap the best ROI. A few other things make the Zoho CRM stand out, like its selling tools and the ability to sell either goods or services . The only drawbacks of this platform are the limited customizations and the lack of marketing automation, which many of today’s manufacturers need.

Why Sales Force Automation in CRM Is a Must for Startups and Small Businesses?

Communicating this information ensures customers receive the kind of service and attention they deserve. For example, CRM software can alert and show reports of top customers’ activities. Einstein AI for sales forecasting and recommendations for sales reps (e.g., insights into sales agreement compliance, account health, pricing, product performance). (e.g., role-based access control) to prevent data leaks and protect a company’s know-how, customers’ confidentiality, etc. Customer segmentation (based on geographic location, industry, sales volume, etc.) to offer more targeted communication to the customers. Opportunity prioritization (to help sales reps focus on the most promising opportunities first, based on the customer’s company size, order volume, etc.).

Grow your business with confidence and add value to every customer interaction. Jobman is a manufacturing ERP software designed for manufacturers and cabinetmakers who rely on loyal customers and a steady stream of new business. From the first enquiry to quoting, job specs, production, delivery and after-sales support, you can track and manage the entire journey in one place and plan more confidently. It helps businesses manage inquiries, handle complaints, and provide speedy assistance—guaranteeing every closed ticket will grow into long-term business relationships. That way, you can focus on what matters versus spending time on menial tasks that your manufacturing CRM can easily do for you.

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