Top Affiliate Marketing Statistics for 2023

The difference is that ecommerce involves selling your own products, while affiliate marketing involves selling someone else’s. There’s a lot of money changing hands in the affiliate marketing world, and you can get in on it if you have a website with an audience. Suffice it to say that affiliate marketers have the potential to make really good money.

The e-Masters in Financial Analysis program at IIT Kanpur is designed for students seeking a comprehensive education in the fields of economics, finance, and data analysis. The program is tailored for individuals who wish to pursue a career in these areas, or for those who are interested in enhancing their existing skills. For example, they were running retargeting ads to people who had purchased an affiliate product suggesting they make a purchase.

This paved the way for a critical shift in their marketing strategy, a move from the ROI-obsessed marketing efficiency to marketing effectiveness. About 65% of publishers say that good content boosts website traffic. If customers find their blogs engaging, relevant, and helpful, they are more likely to make a purchase.

But this doesn’t mean just tracking their performance on your affiliate software. Your primary task is to keep them engaged and committed to your program. Think of affiliates as your brand ambassadors who spread knowledge about your products and endorse them to their networks.

It’s similar to customer lifetime value (CLV), except it examines all of an affiliate’s contributions to the business. This is the percentage of purchases made through an affiliate link that are returned or canceled. Rate of return is measured to analyze the performance of individual affiliates and their links. These metrics weren’t mentioned by any of our experts, but we see benefit in using them to track your affiliate program’s success. Or, you could dividethe total revenue earned from the affiliate program by how much it costs to determine what you get back from every dollar spent. If your result is a dollar, you’ve broken even, as a dollar spent is a dollar earned.

While measuring efficiency is important for individual marketing efforts and campaigns, marketing effectiveness is what determines your long-term growth and the success of your strategy. The key is to optimize your primary value creation process and seek continuous improvement. However, what conversion rate doesn’t take into account is that the most important value creation process is actually when you convert a one-time customer into a repeat customer. In terms of affiliate marketing, this means converting affiliates who make a one-time sales into affiliates who make recurring sales. Since affiliate recruitment is the most time-consuming part of running an affiliate program, changing your targeting strategy can make all the difference.

Fashion is the Most Popular Niche for Affiliate Marketing

Since you’re optimizing conversion rates, you want to add a calculated field because the conversion rate isn’t available in the data as it wasn’t calculated. Campaign tracking report is where you finally understand the value of UTM parameters you created for your social, email, and paid campaigns. If you’ve set them up correctly, you’ll see all your running campaigns here. Choose and click on one of them to see the breakdown into source and medium.

  • As an affiliate publisher, you’ll have more opportunities to join these in the future.
  • You may read now a detailed analysis of the said course so you can determine if it’s the best one for your needs.
  • The program provides a deep understanding of micro and macroeconomic principles, financial markets, investment analysis, financial risk management, and data analysis.

When you integrate offsite tracking, you are, fundamentally, just gaining the same type of data as someone who manages an entire funnel across a single site would see. The benefit is that you get access to data you can use to improve your ROAS. Implementing Google Analytics with offsite tracking software like is straightforward. Google Analytics already provides the standard dashboards for tracking visitor flow across a site from landing page to conversion. 12% don’t think affiliates should be responsible for the customer experience of a business’ website. By also deploying them as affiliate partners, brands encourage tech partners to promote them over other brands they may be partnered with.

Affiliate Marketers Paid $4 Million+ to Settle Charges that They Promoted a Fraudulent Business Coaching and Investment Scheme

As an expert in the field, I’ve witnessed firsthand the evolution and growth of affiliate marketing. This strategy has revolutionized how brands interact with customers, fostering more authentic and rewarding connections. It is the increase in sales resulting from advertising and other marketing efforts. In terms of affiliate marketing, it is the revenue from new customers that have been referred by affiliates. This percentage is an estimate because many affiliate marketers will keep their affiliate conversion rate to themselves.

74% of advertisers/agencies and 83% of publishers say they use the CPA commission model. The next most popular methods are Tenancy Fees (fees for placements) – 43% advertisers/agencies, 48% publishers, and CPC (Cost Per Click) – 33% advertisers/agencies, 35% publishers. Meanwhile, low-tier affiliate marketing managers typically earn $42,000 annually. Revenue from affiliate marketing has steadily increased over the years as eCommerce continues to grow in popularity.

The fact that 13.8% of all Instagram Affiliate Influencers operated in the Lifestyle niche in 2021 (up from 11.59% in 2020), despite relatively low commission rates, may come as a surprise. However, Lifestyle is the largest sector overall on Instagram – it’s the niche where most people share their pictures and videos. These developments demonstrate the significant growth and investment potential of the affiliate marketing software industry, which is attracting a range of investors and entrepreneurs.

Customer lifetime value (CLV) is the revenue a customer brings in throughout the years they remain a customer, minus the initial cost of acquiring them. You could calculate ROI by simply subtracting program costs for a given period from the revenue generated in that period. Affiliate programs will have to move to other methods of tracking in the near future.

An affiliate who generates sales in a given period of time is the most obvious definition. You might consider, for example a period of one year or six months, based on your preferences. The Toy industry saw the most U.S. affiliate revenue growth in 2020, according to Rakuten Advertising, growing by 109% during the first year of Covid lockdowns. In the same research, but only taking into account active publishers, C.J. Awin takes the second spot with a 10.2% market share, while Rakuten ranks third with 5.0%. “Measure the affinity of your affiliates with your market by regularly analyzing if they target the market you want to get traffic in, and how often they promote you.

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