What is Kotlin? The Java alternative explained

In addition, developers praise its lower failure rate, flexibility, easy maintenance, and increased productivity. Kotlin and Java are both general-purpose, statically typed programming languages. In many ways, Kotlin is considered a replacement for Java. While it is not compatible with syntax, it is interoperable with Java code and libraries. Kotlin also has its own libraries that were created through an application programming interface for Android apps. On 7 May 2019, Google announced that the Kotlin programming language was now its preferred language for Android app developers.

It is, however, mostly used for backend and Android development – after all, most Android apps used to be written in Java. It’s known as an excellent general-purpose programming language, capable of building complex applications that handle a huge number of users. Kotlin programming language is still lacking such huge support. As compared to Java, its learning resources and tools might seem quite limited. Moreover, hiring Kotlin developers can become a real challenge as there are still not many specialists that know this technology. In years to come and with the rise of new projects, its popularity is expected to grow also.

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As an OOP language, Kotlin defines everything as an object. Similar to Java and Scala, Kotlin is a statically-typed language, where checks on variable types are executed during compilation time. The main advantage of a statically-typed language is protection from runtime errors and faster execution times. This is because the compiler knows the exact data types that are in use and is able to produce optimized machine code.

  • To avoid the verbose grammar normally needed for null testing, Kotlin introduces a safe call, written ?
  • Examples might be simplified to improve reading and learning.
  • In this article, we will look at how to identify and fix performance issues in Go programs using the pprof and trace packages.
  • The intention was that Java developers and their organizations could gradually transition to the new language without having to worry about incompatibility.
  • It serves as a platform for fostering collaboration and community building within the Kotlin ecosystem.
  • When it comes to performance, Kotlin runs as fast as Java.

Kotlin Notebook simply has some dependencies on UI components that are located in the Python plugin. I need to improve the speed of Kotlin project as fast as Java one. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. Below you can find the main differences between the two and learn which tasks each of them is better for. Cut through the noise and dive deep on specific topics from some of our most popular categories. Kotlin is sponsored by Google, announced as one of the official languages for Android Development in 2017.

History of Kotlin

Null pointer exceptions are one of the most prevalent problems in Java projects. NullPointerException is an error generated in Java when the code tries to access an object with a null reference. To solve this in Java, programmers use preventive techniques like doing null checks before referencing an object’s methods or properties. Developers can end up doing null checks all over their code without actually understanding the possible states of an object. Kotlin is simpler, making it easier for beginners to learn.

In most of the applications, Java is used as the standard programming language in the ’90s and coming to 2019 as Java has become old, time taking and lacks some built-in language features. Originally, Kotlin’s creator, what is Kotlin Dmitry Jemerov, required features Java didn’t have. He found those features in Scala and Groovy, which are other programming languages that could run on the JVM (C# and JavaScript also influenced Jemerov).

Null safety

Our Learn Kotlin course is perfect if you’re a new developer or new to the Kotlin language. It’ll introduce you to fundamental programming concepts and teach you how to write Kotlin code. To start from scratch, create a basic cross-platform mobile application with the project wizard.

Kotlin is compatible with Java, it is fully interoperable with Java, and you can convert the Java file to the Kotlin file with just a script. https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ Also, it works on JVM, and java libraries work fine on Kotlin. The development of the Kotlin language was announced in the year 2011.

Coding in Kotlin

If you are a library author, please consider adding an integration with Kotlin notebooks. Collectively, this provides almost infinite possibilities for creating an interactive user experience. Considering Kotlin’s static and AOT types, the capability for automatic, on-the-fly code generation offers an added level of flexibility and expandability. Craft custom renderers for a variety of types defined in the library.

What is Kotlin

That’s why to run an application in the browser, we need to use JavaScript. This Kotlin tutorial is designed for beginners as well as professional, which covers basic and advanced concepts of Kotlin programming language. Learning Kotlin can aid you in knowing more about language design and show you some gaps in Java. If you have written your first Kotlin code, you’ll notice the main() function declared as fun—an entry point of the Kotlin application and defines a block of code to perform a specific task.

Procedural programming style

Kotlin allows for a receiving object to delegate operations to a second delegate object, which is called the helper object. Such a helper object contains original content, so that developers don’t need to rewrite it again. You might be wondering why you should take time compiling Kotlin code, even though JavaScript is so widely used.

What is Kotlin

In other words, Kotlin has all of the features and advantages of a functional language. For example, consider the following functional Kotlin idioms. Programming languages are the building blocks of any software. To develop a software or an application, you need to be well-versed with various languages like Java, Python, PHP, etc.

How does Kotlin Make Working so Easy?

Although it’s still relatively new in the world of programming, it has grown significantly in a short space of time—with several companies using it. Any developer who wants to decrease their startup time can use lazy-loading features in Kotlin. This particular feature allows loading only the resources on the main memory which is needed.

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