How Freelancers Can Choose the Best Accounting Professional by Agro Accounting CPA May, 2023

Accountant for Freelancers

It’s much easier to work with clients when you can both log into their account at the same time. It’ll help you answer questions in context, while reducing the number of in-person meetings. Now that it requires fewer human resources to complete these basic accounting functions, freelance accountants and bookkeepers are less likely to need hired help. Most accountants will forget about you for most of the year and scramble to get things done at the last minute! At Rodliffe Accounting, we like to see our clients as our extended family. That’s why we regularly check-in to ensure you’re on track to achieving your goals and if there’s any advice or support we can provide.

Accountant for Freelancers

The reason why we’re highlighting this is that because of this, freelancers shouldn’t have to pay high fees for their accounting provider. We offer fixed fee accounting for all our customers, that means that the fees you pay on a month-by-month basis remain fixed and include everything you require for a set fee. We operate in this way as we believe that you shouldn’t have to pay any hidden fees or be met with any hidden surprises throughout the year. When it comes to how much you are paying for your freelancer accounting services, we believe that this should be utterly fair and transparent. Wave has new competition in Sunrise, which is also free and based on double-entry accounting. Its user interface is pleasant, and its navigation tools are excellent.

Serious Advice for Self-Employment Success

However, accountants do more than monitor each transaction that occurs. They are also there to advise your financial decisions and to provide you with careful analysis on how to generate more income, improve business sales, and identify the services that bring in the most buck for you. They will help you grow your freelance job in terms of scale and income and may even help you turn this into a full-blown business venture. Bookkeeping and accounting all your transactions with clients can be done on your own.

How much can I charge as a freelance accountant?

Depending on your expertise and experience, you can charge anywhere from $25-$75 per hour or more. To get an idea of what others in your field are charging, look up freelance rates online or ask other freelancers in accounting for their input.

You can also just enter records manually for your business-related trips on this site and others, and the application will calculate your mileage-related tax deduction. FreshBooks offers this automated tracking feature on its iOS app, too. Some of these apps offer interesting bonus features—see the Mileage Tracking section below for one example. You may not be able to do absolutely everything that you can do on the desktop site, but the apps’ features should serve you well when you’re out and about. Four of the five sites reviewed here follow double-entry bookkeeping rules.

How Much Does a Freelance Accountant or Bookkeeper Charge?

Freelancers who use this method must track business mileage carefully, including the date, destination, and purpose of each trip. Reporting this expense simply involves adding up the mileage and multiplying it by the standard rate. This calculation involves figuring the percentage of miles driven for business-related purposes. Records are also necessary for other vehicular expenses such as gas, oil, repairs, maintenance, and insurance. The freelancer then adds these expenses and applies the business mileage percentage to arrive at the net expense.

Accountant for Freelancers

In 2020, vast numbers of people joined the gig workforce, both by choice and out of necessity. The COVID-19 pandemic is responsible for the loss of millions of jobs. Many of the newly unemployed have taken work as independent contractors or started their own businesses, many of them working out of their own homes. For the first time, all of these people will need to deal with employment accounting and taxes that involve a Form 1099 instead of a W-2.


Without a steady paycheck or employer to handle taxes and expenses, it’s important to stay on top of your finances.Make sure you have separate bank accounts for your personal and business funds. This will help you keep track of income and expenses related to your freelance work.Create a budget that takes into account both fixed costs (rent, utilities) and variable costs (supplies). Stick to this budget as closely as possible to avoid overspending.Consider using financial software or hiring an accountant to help manage your finances. These tools can automate tasks such as invoicing clients and tracking expenses while also providing valuable insights into the financial health of your business.

How can I do freelancer accounting?

  1. Get online.
  2. Connect to cloud software.
  3. Create service bundles.
  4. Increase your revenue per client.
  5. Get free referrals.
  6. Build your digital presence.
  7. Don't forget traditional marketing.
  8. Stay on top of your expenses.

Sign up for the DDIY Newsletter and never miss and update on the best small business tools. For larger companies who have more specific needs when it comes to bookkeeping, we recommend a more exclusive and selective site like Toptal or UpStack. From the business side of things, you can browse the profiles of individuals and agencies, using filters to narrow down your search based on your budget and needs. It helps to establish right from the start how the two of you will communicate, what software you’ll use, and how the accountant will bill you. Kevin McCoy of Kevin McCoy CPA says…
First, check the accountant’s technical capabilities either via state board of accountancy or equivalent certification source.

Freelancer Accounts for One Low Monthly Fee

Yet Wave is the most comprehensive small business accounting application reviewed in this group and can accommodate sole proprietors as well as companies with up to 10 employees. You can create thorough customer, vendor, product, and service records. It also produces numerous types of transaction forms including estimates, invoices, statements, bills, and receipts. Wave lacks dedicated time and project tracking, and its mobile apps are on hiatus at this writing.

It may take you to follow the ‘trial and error’ method, but you will eventually find a compatible accountant for your business. QAccounting offers accounting services to sole traders, from a one-off self-assessment to ongoing bookkeeping and accounting support. It doesn’t matter if you are operating via a limited company or work as a sole trader, anyone earning untaxed income over a certain amount is required to perform an annual self-assessment tax return. Although there is no getting away from having to submit your tax return, you can escape the unnecessary worry of having to complete it yourself by appointing QAccounting to do it for you.

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